The Land Your Next Promotion Checklist 
for Female Execs
(this works even if you've never 
asked for a promotion before)
Download ‘The Land Your Next Promotion Checklist for Female Execs’ and get your hands on my step-by-step strategies to get promoted faster...
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“I approached Rebecca because I knew my confidence and communication skills were holding me back and slowing my career advancement. Over 12 sessions I achieved a great deal, including some unexpected results! Here are the big ones:

• I was promoted!
• I was asked to work on a large-scale project with my CFO
• I have improved my visibility at work
• And I feel more confident presenting to more senior staff

Ashley Trang

In this FREE Download, I'll Show You....

FROM 'fear-to-fearless' 
Learn the 6 common barriers to asking for a promotion... so that you can overcome them!
Building your profile alone is tough. Which is why you need this...
my 5-step strategy
To be regarded as 'top talent', you need to get strategic! Follow this checklist and get back in the driving seat.
Working this hard should benefit your organisation and you too! Learn the value of stepping up your career strategy!
and more...
Hi I'm Rebecca Allen,

I am a Career Success Coach with a decade of experience helping corporate women land dream roles, enjoy greater recognition and success and to be paid their worth using smart, proven strategies and processes that produce sustainable results.

The Land Your Next Promotion Checklist’ has been responsible for allowing hundreds of professional women to overcome their barriers and get promoted faster.

Without it, you will remain stuck, feeling undervalued and unsupported and continuing to struggle with confidence concerns that halt your progress.

With it, you can eliminate all of the doubt and follow a simple process to own your value, grow in confidence and learn skills you can apply instantly to gain the recognition and respect you deserve.

Take purposeful action towards a more successful and fulfilling career!
Rebecca x

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